Turkish Arabic Expo in Istanbul

Istanbul, 2nd _3rd May 2017

New TR News Agency is Operational in Istanbul

The Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association (TURAP) is one of the most effective and active Association in Turkey, Turabexpo with the assistance of Turap organizes conferences and exhibitions that have international character.

Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association (TURAP) and Turabexpo work to create new projects between Turkey and the Arab countries in general and host Arab Businessmen represented mostly by chambers of commerce, the goal is to revive and strengthen the commercial traffic between Turkish and Arab countries.

Technical facilities on site:

 Live stand Ups & Tape play outs
 SNG & Eng. Crews
 News Package, Production
 Beta cam SP, DV, DV Cam, HD, 4:3, 16:9 PAL & NTSC System

for booking :

Email: booking@newtr.tv
Phone: +90-212-254-63-90 PBX
Web Site: www.newtr.tv

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